Are We There Yet?

Remember as a kid, in the good old days when you didn’t have a calendar that must be obeyed? You might remember going someplace your parents decided the family needed to go. Might have been visiting Grandma or relatives or driving to the next town to go shopping. As a kid, you didn’t think inContinue reading “Are We There Yet?”

Intensity and Isolation

There is a strange new combination of pressures that come with this disaster of the COVID19 pandemic. Are you feeling the intensity of every decision? No wonder we are exhausted! Just thinking through the plan for the day, the many choices and options that may involve threat, the discombobulation of learning new technology platforms andContinue reading “Intensity and Isolation”

What’s next?

I’ve just spent the last hour on the CDC website for updates on the pandemic. As a mental health provider, I need to be tuned in to the trends that are happening in harder hit parts of the country as our Midwest section has had more time to prepare for the virus invasion. I wantContinue reading “What’s next?”

April Fools

I remember as a kid being as excited about April 1st as I was about Christmas or my birthday. Something interesting was going to happen, unique to this day. There was anticipation to see what pranks or tricks would pop up during the day. Would someone bring a frog on the school bus and surpriseContinue reading “April Fools”

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